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for oral cancer survivors and those suffering from Sjogren's Syndrome.

What is CHRONIC dry mouth and how is it different from dry mouth?

Chronic dry mouth is broken down as follows:


free from moisture or liquid; not wet or moist.



the opening in the lower part of the human face, surrounded by the lips, through which food is taken in and from which speech and other sounds are emitted.



persisting for a long time or constantly recurring


If you don't understand, well, don't feel alone. Surprisingly, over 99% of the medical profession has no clue what chronic dry mouth is.  So, you're not alone.  Simply google "dry mouth" versus "chronic dry mouth" and you'll get very similar or the very same results in your search, thus, further adding to the confusion.  Google can only search content and the content is provided by the medical profession, the government (medical staff), or vendors.  That being said, google is starved for critical, accurate, and important data.


I am an oral cancer survivor since 2007, over 10 years plus of experience of chronic dry mouth.  So allow me to share my expertise.


Chronic means that the dryness does not go away.  It is with you most every second of your life.  There is no chemical substance on the market that remains within your mouth every second of your life without it needing to be replenished.  You veterans can attest to the fact that that becomes very expensive and in most cases if not all, is not covered by insurance.  


Even drinking water.


Now, you are looking at me confused.  Drinking gallons and gallons of water every minute isn't going to resolve your issue.  Yes.  It is great for hydration and other things your body needs but not chronic dry mouth.


Looking into this further we discover that water makes up over 95% of saliva and water is the wetting agent.


Now, you are really confused.  But keep in mind that saliva delivered into your mouth doesn't come gushing in, gallons afer gallons.  The amount of saliva is controlled by the brain.


Whoa!  What if the nerves from my salivary glands to my brain are damaged, destroyed, cooked by the radiation therapy treatment?


That means that you will need an artificial or mechanical means of delivery of your water.  Simple sipping isn't going to cut it, especially at night, when you're trying to sleep and get much needed rest.


Unstimulated saliva production is aound 5ml per minute or 0.083ml per second; a very tiny amount.


Well, why is that?

In an unstimulated environment your tissues need to slowly absorb the water for you to feel the comfort of wetness.  Gushing water across your mouth down your throat in any amounts over that is a waste of time as far as resolving chronic dry mouth is concerned.


So, what do I do?

Use the XEROS Dry Mouth Pump.  It mechanically satisfies all the natural requirements to wet your mouth.  No, unlike saliva, it does not assist in creating a bolus around your food particles helping in mastication and swallowing and digestion, aka, eating.


How do I know if I have chronic dry mouth and can benefit from the XEROS?
It is quite simple.  If you experience one or both of the following conditions, the XEROS is guaranteed to resolve your chronic dry mouth.  Otherwise you need to be doing something else.


  1. You need to get up from bed frequently to temporarily wet your mouth.  Considering, your sleep pattern will be disturbed and you'll end up lacking rest which leads to other conditions even death.
  2. You engage in physical activity of some sort to some degree that causes more than usual air to pass through your oral cavity, drying it out rather quickly, you needing to stop many times to wet your mouth.


You can successfully use the XEROS dry mouth pump in any of these two circumstances.







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The XEROS1GO is for oral cancer survivors on the go, traveling, riding, walking, working, or exercising. It can be used when sleeping too! It is portable powered by a powerbank.


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The XEROS1NP is for oral cancer survivors that need relief when sleeping at night or sitting. It operates off household current using a power adapter.

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