XEROS Dry Mouth Pump
the Only Solution for CHRONIC Dry Mouth

Owner's Manual

XEROS1 2017

The Controller

The GO is the portable unit that typically requires a portable power source. The NP is the non-portable unit that is powered by household current.

Both units operate EXACTLY the same. They are, however, housed differently, the GO for mobile use and the NP for stationary use.


The RED LED shows when the controller is powered on using the ON/OFF switch.

The MODE switch toggles between BOOST (B) and TIMER (T).

Facing the controller, the blue switch on your left is the duration switch, measured in seconds. The blue switch to the right is the interval switch, measured in minutes.

An example setting would be setting the duration to 10 seconds and the interval to 10 minutes.
This means that the pump will start pumping every ten minutes for ten seconds.
Turn the blue switches clockwise to increase both the seconds and the minutes.

The switches timing is not demarcated because the switches are relative and you'd most likely want to use a marker to mark your daytime and night time settings.

Out of the Box

Connect the discharge tube (long tube) to the pump. Connect the suction tube (bottle) to the pump.

Connect the controller to your power source (either a power bank (portable) or a power supply (household current)

Fill the bottle with water

Hang the long tube into an empty glass.

Turn the controller on (see the RED LED)

Toggle the MODE switch UP to "B" BOOST.

Let the pump run until water starts dripping out of the long tube.

Your XEROS is now ready to be used. You only need to do this once (unless you let the bottle run out of water)

Turn the pump OFF

Attach the mouthpiece

Turn the pump ON and let the mouthpiece get wet. Turn the pump OFF.

Place the sponge into your mouth where it best suits you. We are all different so there is no right way.

Turn the pump on and let it run.

If there is too much or too little water, turn the controller OFF and reset the DURATION blue switch.

Once you are set turn the controller MODE switch to timer.

Test the timing. Again, if you need to increase or decrease the INTERVAL, reset the INTERVAL switch.
Note that the daytime and night time settings will be different, the night time less aggressive in most cases.

How to Sleep with the XEROS

If you lay on your right side, place the sponge on your left side in your mouth. Gracity will draw the water to your right. Same but reverse if you lay on your left side.

Regardless, you do NOT want the small amount of water to graviate to your throar, causing you to choke, asperate, and/or cough. Again, we are all different so you have to do what works best for you.

Place a small hand towel onto your pillow. It will catch any leakage from your lips.

How to Clean the XEROS


Remove the sponge mouthpiece kit from the long tubing. Place it under running tap water. Rapidly squeeze the sponge between your thumb and index finger for several seconds. Mat the sponge with a tissue to dry, by squeezing the sponge..

Fill a container with an oral cleaner (mouthwash, denture cleaner, etc). COMPRESS the sponge and set it into the solution. RELEASE the sponge. This will draw the solution up into the sponge. Let it set (one hour to overnight)

Fill the empty bottle with 2% chlorine solution (Clorox is 6%). Remove the mouthpiece. Turn the pump ON and toggle to "B" BOOST. Fill the tubing then stop the pump. Let it sit for a half hour.

Turn the pump back on and drain the bottle. Rinse as many times as you want using water.

Filling the Plastic Bottle with Water

The plastic bottle is self-venting. Do NOT over tighten the cap on the bottle. Leave it loose enough to where you can turn the bottle upside down, shake it, and it won't leak.

If your bottle collapses, simply loosen the cap.

TIghtening the LEUR connectors

Do NOT overtighten the quartter turn nylon leurs otherwise you'll need plyers to losen them. Just give them a gentle quarter turn. They will NOT leak.



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