Dry Mouth Pump

the only solution for chronic dry mouth worldwide

for oral cancer survivors and those suffering from Sjogren's Syndrome.

How to use the XEROS Dry Mouth Pump

This applies to both the XEROS1 NP (non portable) and the XEROS1 GO (portable)

When you first take the XEROS out of the box be sure to charge the powerbank (XEROS1 GO) then connect the powerbank to the unit.

You can plug the NP  driectly into a wall outlet.

Fill the bottle with water and connect it to the pump.  Do NOT turn the leur connector tightly, only a quarter turn, otherwise, you'll need pliers to remove it.  It will not leak.

Connect the discharge tubing (the part that goes into your mouth).  Do NOT connect the mouthpiece kit at this time.  Instead place the loose end ino a glass securely (so that it doesn't fall out).

Turn the unit ON.  You should see a faint red LED light.

Push the MODE switch UP to boost.  The pump should start pumping and pump continuously.  You should see the water run out of the bottle, through the tubing, then drip into the glass.

Once this is done, turn the unit OFF.

Connect the mouthpiece kit.  

You are now ready to use the XEROS!


The blue rotary switch on the left sets the duration in seconds (how long the pump runs)  Turn it to where it works best for you.  Do NOT force the switch, be gentle.

The blue rotary switch on the right sets the interval in minutes ( how long the pump will wait until it pumps again)  Turn it to where it works best for you.  Do NOT force the switch, be gentle.

That's it.

You should place the sponge where it fits best for you, we all being different.  The sponge allows the water to seep into your mouth.  Get used to it before you use it sleeping.  It is your friend.  Become friends.


First, place a small hand towel across the pillow if you are susceptible to  leakage out of your mouth.  For best results sleep on either your left or right side.  Place the sponge on the opposite or higher side (side not on the pillow).  This way the water seeps from the sponge down to the other side of your mouth by gravity wetting your whole mouth.  this also prevents choking (if you look straight up you may start choking on the water because it is trying to seep down your throat.

CLEANING the XEROS mouthpiece kit.

After each use, compress the sponge quickly under running warm water.  Squeeze all the water off.  Tap dry with a tissue.  Reconnect to the unit.

You can clean the bottle and tubing by filling the bottle with 2% chlorine solution.  Turn the unit on and push the MODE button up to continuous or boost.  Let the solution fill the tubing then wait for fifteen (15) minutes.  Be sure to have a glass at the end of the discharge tubing to collect the solution.  Then turn the unit ON and let it pump the solution.  Next fill the bottle with water and RINSE the system on continuous MODE.  You can do this as many times as you see fit.

The tubing is TYGON medical grade tubing meaning a coating is on the inside to prevent bacteria from adhering to the tubing.  The tubing WILL DISCOLOR depending on the quality or lack thereof of the water that you are using.

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The XEROS1GO is for oral cancer survivors on the go, traveling, riding, walking, working, or exercising. It can be used when sleeping too! It is portable powered by a powerbank.


buy XEROS dry mouth pump

The XEROS1NP is for oral cancer survivors that need relief when sleeping at night or sitting. It operates off household current using a power adapter.