XEROS Dry Mouth Pump
the Only Solution for CHRONIC Dry Mouth


The XEROS1 is FDA cleared (#K110116, April 8, 2011) with the following indication of use: The XEROS Dry Mouth Pump is intended as dry mouth therapy for chronic dry mouth caused by radiation therapy treatment by adding moisture to the mouth for immediate and effective relief.

The XEROS works because it mimics the natural salivary process. Saliva is over 95% water and water is the wetting agent. It is logical then to use water as the wetting agent in the XEROS Dry Mouth Pump. The water is released preprogrammed by the user. For example, water is pumped into the oral cavity for 10 seconds every 10 minutes.

The XEROS is also equipped with a BOOST MODE. The user can select the boost mode at anytime to dispense water into the oral cavity for as long it is desired. The speed of delivery can be adjusted as well. It is totally user friendly.

Read the OPERATING MANUAL for the XEROS1 2017, both the GO and the NP.


VALCORP inc was formed on December 21, 2009 to legally market the XEROS to other oral cancer survivors and those inflicted with Sjogren's Syndrome who are suffering from CHRONIC dry mouth. The XEROS was first marketed on September 1, 2010. VALCORP inc currently has a client base across the world:

  • Canada
  • China
  • India
  • Mexico
  • Spain
  • UK
  • USA

VALCORP inc is an one-man corporation, presided by Al Toman (Vladimir Allen Toman). It not only promotes the XEROS it also does extensive research for head and neck oral cancer survivors, consequently, has become involved in a multitude of projects.

As well, VALCORP inc is involved in battling with CMS (Medicare) and the U.S. Senate and Congress. The democrats and republicans are doing everything that they can to impede the physical (and mental) health of the Citizens of the United States.

Considering, VALCORP inc is drafting a National Health Plan USA that puts the control in the Citizen's hands, managed by learned, highly intelligent individuals. This is very exciting to me and it has become a personal mission with passion.

VALCORP inc is a debt free independent corporation. It is a lean, mean, business machine. There is only one important constant that VALCORP inc is concerned with, the well being of oral cancer survivors suffering from CHRONIC dry mouth. That's it.

Al Toman

I'm an head and neck oral cancer survivor 2007. I got totally frustrated there being NO SOLUTION for CHRONIC dry mouth so I created one. Today, I'm sleeping better than 99% of the world population and the quality of my life post-cancer has improved substantially.

The lack of knowledge and resources about CHRONIC dry mouth astounded me. I could not believe it! However, it was no surprise to me that the reason for no solutions was simply, no money. Therefore, I overcame that. Being in business since my early twenties, I learned how to keep costs and expenses low. I am also degreed in pre-med biological sciences and engineering. This training made the XEROS possible with little money.