Dry Mouth Pump

the only solution for chronic dry mouth worldwide

for oral cancer survivors and those suffering from Sjogren's Syndrome.

Dry mouth is medically referred to as XEROSTOMIA from which the name XEROS Dry Mouth Pumpis derived.

Who can use the XEROS?

Oral cancer survivors suffering from chronic dry mouth can benefit from the XEROS. Persons suffering from Sjogren's Syndrome can also effectively use the XEROS. If your condition is not chronic then the XEROS will not work for you. You can try using the squirt bottle instead.

When can you use the XEROS?

Oral cancer survivors suffering from chronic dry mouth can use the XEROS awake or when sleeping.

Where can you use the XEROS?

The XEROS can be used everywhere except in the ocean, swimming pool or the restaurant (do not use when eating).

Why use XEROS?

From a health standpoint the XEROS replicates the salivary system the best a mechanical device can. XEROS dry mouth pump is effective and immediate.

From a financial standpoint the XEROS used over a ten year period costs approximately $600 USD whereas any other system you see on the market similar to Biotene will cost you over $12,000 USD in the same period and still cannot be used when sleeping at night.

What is CHRONIC dry mouth?

Chronic dry mouth is a condition that oral cancer survivors develop as a result of radiation therapy treatment. Read more about chronic dry mouth before you purchase the XEROS.

How do you use the XEROS dry mouth pump?

A small soft sponge is placed in your mouth between your lower teeth (jawbone) and the inner lining of your cheek. A programmable timer then delivers water to your oral tissues for a preset duration measured in seconds every preset interval measured in minutes. You have complete control.

Read more about using the XEROS dry mouth pump.



This survey's mission is to document the post cancer care that oral cancer survivors have been receiving. It's goal is to do something about it.

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The XEROS1GO is for oral cancer survivors on the go, traveling, riding, walking, working, or exercising. It can be used when sleeping too! It is portable powered by a powerbank.


buy XEROS dry mouth pump

The XEROS1NP is for oral cancer survivors that need relief when sleeping at night or sitting. It operates off household current using a power adapter.

How to connect the tubing to the pump

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