The XEROS Dry Mouth Pump

provides immediate and effective relief
to those suffering from chronic dry mouth
caused by oral cancer radiation therapy treatment.

People suffering from chronic dry mouth caused by Sjogrens Syndrome are also using the XEROS Dry Mouth Pump.

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The Oral Cancer Hope Store provides funding to oral cancer survivors suffering from CHRONIC dry mouth. Your purchase helps fund someone to receive a XEROS Dry Mouth Pump. You can also SPONSOR someone who can use our help.


Altoman, GREAT News about your easy trip through the airport! (Relatively easy, that is!) Merry Christmas to you, you have brought so much hope to my hubby and me. The other day when I called to ask for help and got YOU on the phone...was a gift. And when you said you would be available 24/7, well, I just hung up and boo-hoo'ed. As you know, it can get frustrating.
-- Marybeth

Hi Al, Thank you very much.....FINALLY got a decent nights sleep thanks to the Xeros..... It is FANTASTIC. It is taking a bit to get used to but the main thing is it works.
-- Elizabeth

LOVE my pump. Had a great nights sleep!!!!
-- Sandra

I feel that I must tell you how extremely pleased I am with the Xeros. I found the unit very easy to use and the portability a great feature. I spent three weeks with a nasty throat virus. I could not sleep with the dryness of my nose, throat and mouth. I received the package yesterday, wore the pump all day getting to know it and then I SLEPT. My dryness is nothing compared to your situation but I thank you sincerely for taking the initiative to design and manufacture this product. I can just imagine how many sufferers you have helped. I am taking my Xeros to my GP the next visit. He'll be impressed I'm sure.
-- Mrs. Nuber

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Indications of Use

Dry mouth therapy for chronic dry mouth caused by radiation therapy treatment by adding moisture to the mouth for immediate and effective relief

The XEROS Dry Mouth Pump has been cleared by the FDA to market on April 8, 2011 under 510(k) number K110116 as a Class II Medical Device in the Category Artifical Saliva.