XEROS Dry Mouth Pump
the Only Solution for CHRONIC Dry Mouth

Al Toman

I'm an head and neck oral cancer survivor 2007. I got totally frustrated there being NO SOLUTION for CHRONIC dry mouth so I created one. Today, I'm sleeping better than 99% of the world population and the quality of my life post-cancer has improved substantially.


Valcorp inc was formed on December 21, 2009 to legally market the XEROS to other oral cancer survivors, those inflicted with Sjogren's Syndrome, and others who are suffering from CHRONIC dry mouth. The XEROS was first marketed on September 1, 2010. VALCORP inc currently has a client base across the world:


The XEROS1 is FDA cleared (#K110116, April 8, 2011) with the following indication of use:
The XEROS Dry Mouth Pump is intended as dry mouth therapy for chronic dry mouth caused by radiation therapy treatment by adding moisture to the mouth for immediate and effective relief.

Dry Mouth Pump

The success that you will experience with the XEROS is dependent upon your having CHRONIC dry mouth. There is a substantial difference between dry mouth and CHRONIC dry mouth. The XEROS is designed for those suffering from CHRONIC dry mouth.

After you have determined that the status of your condition is CHRONIC, then, proper use of the XEROS will guarantee a full night's sleep (impaired by chronic dry mouth) and the ability to work, exercise, and travel.

Portable or Nonportable?

If you are active you may want consider the XEROS1 GO for portability. It is battery powered. Strap it on and GO! If you only need relief during sleeping then you may want to consider the XEROS1 NP (non portable, no batteries).